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This site is dedicated to encouraging the use of solar power technology by promoting quality products and providing reliable information.   The products here are widely varying and range from things useful to a camping enthusiast, all the way to those who wish to live off of the grid.  (Whole home setups can even allow individuals to sell power back to the utility companies!)  The info presented has been gleaned from countless hours of Internet toil & personal eyestrain.  Hopefully there is something here for everyone...

Over the last several years great improvements have been made in the areas of solar energy collection & storage.  New technologies are being researched and developed everyday.  For example, New Energy Technologies, Inc holds fourteen patents concerning their see through, spray on, energy producing window treatments.  One can only imagine the potential benefit of coating entire office buildings with such material.  Another unique product with incredible potential is solar shingles.  These can closely resemble normal shingles and produce free energy for homeowners.  These types of products are known as building integrated photovoltaic's (BIPV) and are less aesthetically obtrusive than traditional, large solar panels.

Right now, most large scale systems do require a fairly hefty initial investment.  Although the money would be recouped over the long term, many people are reluctant to invest such large sums on something that is essentially in its technological infancy.  In an attempt to encourage the expenditures, the Federal Government has established incentive programs, rebates & tax credits to reward those who purchase green cars & build or upgrade home energy systems / components.  Many state and local governments have also followed suit.  (In addition, you'll want to check for Energy Star special offers from the EPA if you intend to buy appliances ranging from computers to water heaters.)  The more people that purchase related items, the more costs will progressively decrease.


The popularity of solar powered products will only continue to grow in the future.  The market will be driven by increasing utility costs, the desire of the general public to be prepared in the event of emergency like a natural disaster and the impact that traditional power consumption continues to place on our environment.  Those points and the better, cheaper solutions becoming available create an exciting time for the industry and consumers alike.

Download the free .pdf from the US Department of Energy about Residential Solar Power to learn the basics.

Whether you have visited this website to research a major DIY solar project or are just looking for the newest solar powered gadget, I'm sure you will find some useful information within. 

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This site is dedicated to the memory of Nikola Tesla, who is largely unrecognized but, one of the greatest inventors of all time.


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