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Solar Powered Batteries

There are many shapes, sizes and uses for rechargeable solar powered batteries.  These rechargeable batteries do not need to be exclusively charged with solar energy.  The transfer of energy to a battery can be accomplished many different ways including...

Solar Cells or Panels

Wind Generators

AC Power (standard home outlet)

Hand or Pedal Crank

Car Adapter (from alternator when running)

Gas Powered Generator

Hydroelectric Sources

Thermoelectric Generator (like the Power Pot which is really cool!)

Power Transfer from One Battery to Another (like a laptop charging your cell phone through a USB cable)

etc., etc.



Here are some different chemical types and properties of the most widely used batteries...


Alkaline - Depending on how they are constructed they can be either disposable or rechargeable.  They have a higher energy density and shelf life than standard zinc carbon varieties.  They also cost more.  Alkaline batteries account for approximately 80% of the batteries purchased in the United States.

Lead-Acid Battery - Rechargeable.  Able to provide high surge currents and relatively cheap for their power abilities, these are the type of batteries found in a gas powered car to bring the starter motor to life.  One variant of this type of battery is the "Deep Cycle".  These are able to be routinely cycled (charged & discharged) without significant degradation.  That makes them best suited for residential solar powered applications, UPS devices and electric vehicles.  Another variant is the Marine or RV battery.  This is a combination of both traditional & deep cycle.

Lithium Batteries - These are not able to be recharged and are strictly disposable.  They have a long life (3 times that of alkaline) and are more expensive than other types.  Most often used in portable electronic devices like pace-makers.


Lithium-Ion Rechargeable batteries used in laptops, cell phones and cordless power tools.  Provides high energy density with low power discharge / loss when not is use.  Lightweight.


Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad) - Rechargeable.  Capable of high voltage output & rapid charging.  Unlike other batteries that show a reduction in power toward the end of a discharge (think of a cordless drill slowing down), NiCad provides consistent power until completely empty of charge.  That attribute makes them perfectly suited for use in powertools.

Zinc-Carbon - Least expensive & most common disposable type of battery.

In our modern, technologically advanced lives, we utilize numerous portable electronic devices, all of which require power.  The batteries used to power these have a finite life cycle and can only be recharged so many time, it at all.  In addition to charging them in the most energy efficient way, always take care to discard them appropriately.

The website offers a large selection of solar powered batteries suitable for commercial & residential use.



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