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Large Wind Power Turbine -  Generator

Wind Turbines - Generators

Small wind turbines produce between 1 - 100 kilowatts (kW) and are used to produce power for homes, farms and small businesses.  They can be grid integrated allowing individuals to sell power back to the utility company, or stand alone providing power locally.  Today's wind turbines are a far cry from their wooden windmill ancestors.  A single very large wind generator can provide enough electricity to power five hundred American homes!

A few advantages to wind turbine power:

  • Free energy is generated by a naturally occurring event.

  • The process is clean as it doesn't require mining, transportation, produce environmental pollutants, etc.

  • Helps people become more energy independent by not relying solely on the utilities for power.

  • Can pay for itself over time and potentially create additional income.

  • Wind turbines can easily be used in conjunction with other alternative energy systems like solar power. (see hybrid diagram below)

  • Doesn't require a large area to install, has a small footprint.

  • Creates jobs. (per unit of energy, 30% more than a coal plant & 66% more than nuclear)


A couple disadvantages:

  • People can find them displeasing to look at, especially true in rural 'natural' areas.

  • As with solar power, wind turbine power production is variable... i.e. only when the wind blows.

  • Noise, the turbines are not completely silent and may irritate neighbors if close enough to installation.

  • Shadows will be cast by the system and might need to be considered.


Worldwide Wind Map from NASA


If you are interested in setting up a residential wind turbine to generate power you will need to consider several factors.  One of the first things you'll need to know is how much wind is typically available for your location.  The US department of Energy has a more detailed residential wind map of the United States to help estimate potential wind power production.  You'll also need to assess the location of the turbine installation.  Is the area free from obstructions like like hills or trees and are there any applicable laws or codes that influence placement.  After you've determined how much energy you'll need to make to satisfy your requirements, you'll need to purchase the components (look below).  There are may be state & federal incentives,  rebates and tax credits available for your green project.  (Check here for state & here for federal.)  After you've bought the pieces you'll probably want a professional to install the system.  Do some research to find a local company with a good, solid reputation.  After everything is up and running routine maintenance will be required to get optimal production.


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Grid Intertied Wind and Solar Diagram



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Air Guyed EZ Tower For Air-X Wind Turbines - 29 Feet Kit - Complete with Pole

Air Guyed EZ Tower For Air-X Wind Turbines - 29 Feet Kit - Complete with Pole