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Solar Powered Fountains

JH-P-0014 Mini Float Syle Solar Powered Panel Water Pump Fountain(Black)

A decorative solar power water feature in your yard or garden can provide a tranquil and soothing environment in which to relax.  There are many styles and options to choose from when considering purchasing a water feature.  Solar outdoor water fountains are a great choice when the desired area doesn't contain a traditional power source or if you are looking for zero utility cost.  There are many models and types including...

Koi Pond / Larger Solar Pond Fountains

A pond fountain can help circulate water helping prevent mosquitoes from breeding in stagnant pools.  They also assist in aeration promoting healthier fish and plant life.  There are two types of solar pumps, submersible & external.  The solar cell can be either part of the apparatus or can be attached at a remote location via cabling. Sizes vary from small floating units to large pond pumping systems.  The cell size and wattage will also differ depending on application.  If you are interested in the water fountain operating when the sun is not shining, a unit that contains battery storage would be required. (continuous operation is very important when used for koi ponds)  There are also options that include accent lighting, settings for adjusting the rate of flow and different head adapters to shape the waters motion.  Here is a YouTube video that displays a few different kinds of solar pond fountains in action.

Decorative Waterfalls - Water Features

These are probably the type of that most people think of when someone says garden fountain.  Typically they are relatively small in capacity and are largely used for ambiance.  The variety of solar fountains is immense and ranges from independent floating models you can place in a bird bath to complete systems such as the one pictured above.  Large waterfalls powered by the sun are also possible but require bigger solar cells and pumps to operate.  Here is a video of a small solar waterfall setup.

Solar 2 Tier Water Fountain with Frogs

Solar Outdoor Water Fountain with Frogs.

Let your home, garden or deck radiate serenity and elegance with our exquisite collection of fountains and accessories. Steady streams of water running through them are great for infusing your environment with peace, tranquility and a unique beauty. Product Features: It includes pump and all necessary parts for easy assembly and operation. It has cascading stream. It is made up of fiberglass. Item Specifications: Dimensions: 15" L x 15" W x 25" H Weight: 14.33 lbs Warranty: Manufacturer provides 1 year limited warranty



10 Watt Solar Powered Water Fountain Pump Kit

No Wiring. Fast easy install. Energy electrical saving. Recharged by solar panel under sunlight. Corrosion resistant. CE certified. This solar powered water pump is designed for fountains, ponds or other outdoor use. Has the ability to work during the night. With the battery pack attached a full charge during the day can provide up to an additional 4 hours of operation. This pump also comes with a manual on/off switch & 16ft. cord length. Water Flow size 0.5 diameter. This uses Lead Acid 6V4AH rechargeable batteries. Solar Panel Dimension: 15x16. Operation Pump Voltage 12V20V. Solar Cell Module 10W. Water Lift Max 2M. H2O Flow Max 211 Gallons Hour 800L/H. LED light (voltage) DC12V.