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Solar Powered Pump

A pump is a device that transports water through a mechanical action.  There are three primary methods to accomplish this movement.  They are direct lift, gravity and displacement.  Each method has many different designs and equipment to perform the task.  The various types can be operated through manual input, engines, wind power or electricity.  They play a vital role in providing irrigation, flood control and drinking water.  Wikipedia has a great page about many different kinds of traditional pumps and their usage.


A solar powered pump can range in use from moving small quantities of water around your decorative fountain, all the way to providing whole communities with potable water.  They are very useful in situations where grid electricity is impractical or impossible.  Often times they are utilized by farmers to water their livestock in far out pastures.  Sun based pumps can also out perform the wind powered variety.  A solar powered pump setup requires a minimum of four parts.

1.  The pump mechanism

2.  A controller to moderate the power output relative to the suns input

3.  Electric DC Motor

4.  The solar panels (will likely be the vast majority of the cost of the system)


Larger scale & more resilient endeavors may also utilize power inverters, AC motors and batteries.


Here is a YouTube video explaining a solar well setup including plumbing and proper installation.  (probably of most interest to those wanting to live off of the grid)


Colorado State University has produced a very informative data fact sheet about solar-powered ground water pumping systems.  It contains pros & cons, technical specifications of many different brands / models and considerations about sizing & potential costs.


Toskana SunJet 150 Mini Solar Pump Kit

Toskana SunJet 150 Mini Solar Powered Pump Kit

The Perfect Water Garden Companion.  Itís easy to create your own water feature fountain with this kit.  Height up to 14 inches. It come with three interchangeable fountain heads, for range of movement. Operates best in full sunlight. Ships Quickly!


Garden Sun Light APP012B 3 Watt Solar Panel with Water Pump Battery amp; LED

Solar Panel with Water Pump, Battery & LED

Water solar pump is designed for fountain pond or other outdoor use.  The pump gets power directly from the sun or uses battery at night. This unit can save a lot of energy & money. Water rate is adjusted by a variable speed valve and includes a timer.