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Solar Powered Signs

Whether your looking to illuminate your house number or make your companies billboard  visible at night, there are solar powered signs and products to fill your needs.  Offerings range from cheesy garden gnomes with lit welcome signs, to flood lights with timers or motion sensing capabilities.  Besides utilizing the suns free energy, solar signage is perfect for locations where you are unable to easily plug into a typical 110 AC power outlet.  Units typically store energy in batteries during daylight hours and use it at night to power lower voltage LED bulbs.  Depending on the size of the storage batteries, some setups can work for several weeks without any sunlight.  Many different styles are available including internally lit outdoor signs perfect for real estate agents or other commercial offerings.

If you already have a sign that isn't visible after dusk, you should consider purchasing a good solar flood light to increase your advertising effectiveness.  SEPC is a company based out of Florida that has completed many sign & billboard relate projects.  Although their work is larger scale, an individual could easily attain similar results with solar kits & packages available online or in your closest big box store.  One of the benefits to solar signs is that they are not hard wired to any particular location & therefore easily moveable.  Lately there have been increasing numbers of solar powered roadway signs displaying your speed and traffic information.  The practicality of solar powered signs assuredly means that more and more of the devices will continue to light up in the future.




Solar House Address Number Plaque

Solar Powered House Signs

Help guests find your home at night with this solar address number plaque.  Up to 5 digits has a copper finish.  No wiring required.

Solar LED Flagpole Light

Solar LED Pole Light

Shine a bright light on your flag, garden, or walkway with this adjustable mount light. This inexpensive solar light is perfect for lighting small signs.