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The purpose of your solar powered fridge should dictate the model you purchase and how you configure its setup.  If you are living completely off of the grid (or stay in a remote location for any length of time) you will probably want to choose a solely 12 or 24 watt DC unit with a battery and connected to a solar cell or wind turbine.  SunDanzer produces popular products that fit that description.  Here's a solar refrigerator flyer that contains some general information.  Backwoods Home Magazine has a great page reviewing solar DC powered refrigerators.

If you're looking for a backup refrigeration system should there be a power outage, you can use the same setup as above connected to a 110 to 12v DC battery charger.  The only time the battery would be in use & discharge is in the event of a power failure.  An normal fridge can also be run off of solar with the use of a power inverter.  They do however draw more current and require a larger solar cell array due to their lack of efficiency.

There is a type of refrigeration that does require any panels, cells or even batteries and can be made out of everyday materials like cardboard, dirt and recycled metal.  Cooling is achieved through conduction, convection and evaporation...

Scientific American has a really cool (pun intended) article about solar heat refrigeration.  The freezer page on this site may also be of interest.


Sun Frost - Full Size Refrigerator/Freezer - Custom Designed. RF16 ENERGY STAR Qualified

Super Energy Efficient Refrigerator - Freezer

AC or DC Power Option

Sun Frost - Travel Refrigerator/Freezer. Custom Designed. Model 4 Series

Travel (RV) Size Solar Powered Freezer or Fridge

AC or DC Power Option