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Solar Powered Electric Fences

Electric fencing is used to keep animals in or out of particular areas (including people).  Whether you're looking to keep rabbits & deer out of your garden or keep livestock corralled, sometimes the best option is solar.  This is especially true when the area is in a secluded location far from a traditional power source.  Solar powered electric fencing, batteries & panels come in different sizes, voltages & configurations depending on your particular requirements.  If you are just looking to keep little creatures out of a small garden plot, you won't need as expensive and heavy-duty setup as you would containing acres of horse pasture.  The smallest units available are 4 volts & largest are 24v, & capable to repel deer / bears.  (keep in mind that deer can jump a considerable height. (7 feet+)  If your primary objective is to detour them you may want to consider a supplemental device like a sonic deer repellant.  FYI - A typical, medium sized battery / fence configuration will stay active & effective for approximately 2 nights & 3 days without any sunlight.


One thing to look for in any solar fence is a low impedance rating.  Impedance occurs when weeds & other debris are tangled amongst your fence.  The lower the rating the better the electricity will overcome the obstacles.  This is especially important when the area around the fence cannot be well maintained.  For the safety of animals & humans alike, make sure that your equipment is U/L listed.  You'll find the designation written on the packaging & or sticker on the equipment.  The most common reason for failure and substandard operational functionality is improper grounding.  Always follow your manuals instructions for how to properly ground your particular hardware and if there is any question, over do it!

Below is a video about setting up a Patriot which is powerful enough to electrify approximately 3 miles or, 12 acres.


Adjustable Solar Electric Fence Controller

Using the sun to power an electric fence makes so much sense in remote locations. This solar fencer can electrify 3 to 5 miles of single-strand fencing wire.

25 Gal Solar Powered Water Trough Red

25 Gal Solar Powered Water Trough Red

Easily refills from your garden hose or water hauling tank.  No Freeze-ups!  No fuel or electricity needed!  Can be placed anywhere in sunlight.  SAVES time and money!  Pays for itself over time. These durable, never rust troughs have been extensively field tested for 17 years are still going strong. Guaranteed to -20° below zero—during winter conditions with wind chill factor included! No risk of electrical shock to livestock. No costly fuel bills...uses FREE ENERGY from the sun. Shatterproof solar collector. Will NOT freeze even when livestock don’t drink. Easily accessible water for livestock even in ice and snow conditions. No minimum number of livestock needed. Unit even keeps water cool and Algae-free in summer.