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Cooking food with energy provided by the sun can be a fun camping trick or an absolute necessity.  In arid regions of the world where little natural combustible material exists, solar cookers provide a means to safely heat food & sterilize water.  Their use produces no carbon monoxide or ashes, require nothing flammable for temperature and typically are even save to touch while in use.

There are many different types and designs of solar cookers.  Typically, the more complex and advanced the design the higher performance can be expected.  It is however, very easy to make a simple one out of everyday materials like a cardboard box and tinfoil.  Often times high school science experiments will entail dabbling with solar cookers created in class.  Regardless of the complexity, all of the methods do basically the same thing which is concentrate the suns rays to a focal point or cooking area.  The sunlight can be focused using flat reflective panels, parabolic (curved) surfaces or a combination of methods.  Solar ovens use glass or plastic in order to capture the heat produced by the reflective surfaces and maintain it within the device.

Food prepared using solar energy will require more time than if you were utilizing your stove at home.  The temperatures achieved with a solar oven will usually reach a maximum of 400 degrees in optimal conditions. (think Death Valley at high noon)  The lower temperatures are combated simply by cutting up food into smaller pieces prior to cooking and allowing it to cook for a longer period of time.  A couple of the benefits are that cooking doesn't need to be closely supervised, doesn't require a finite fuel source and can be accomplished most anywhere there is sunlight.  Another great benefit, if you are anything like me, is that it is nearly impossible to burn the food!

Here is an informative Wikipedia entry about solar cookers.

You can find a ton of different free solar cooker designs by using google image search, or you can purchase one of the professionally assembled units below.

Visit the DIY Solar Projects page if your looking to build a really cool & advanced solar oven with sun tracking.  The link includes plans and part list required to do it yourself.




Solar Oven: SP

Solar Cooker / Oven

Experiment with a device that harnesses the sun for practical purposes. Based on the principles of a solar collector, the temperature rises over 190 C behind the heat-retaining oven window. Allows cooking of most types of food using standard plastic cooking bags. Lightweight, simple to set up and operate. Folds to 4" x 10" x 10" for easy storage. Teacher's guide included.

All American Sun Oven and Optional Accessories. Bake, Boil, Steam, and Sundry Foods

All American Sun Oven and Optional Accessories. Bake, Boil, Steam, and Sundry Foods

This deluxe cooking product is Made in the USA.