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03666 Orbh - Solar Crackle Ball Bird Feeder


Now here is a somewhat novel use of technology...the solar powered bird feeder!  After doing a few online searches and reading about what is offered, I've determined that they are not as hokey as they sound.  There are a number of different styles and types of feeders.  What I expected to find was a bird feeder with a solar panel, batteries and LED lights for illuminating the seed goods in the evening.  And, there are plenty of those type available.  They come as light houses, lanterns, angels and any number of other traditional & decorative designs.  Besides providing some battery fed illumination, they are mostly like any other.  I really am not aware of any winged animals (other than bats) that feed at night so, I believe these are useful mostly as decorative accent lighting.


What I hadn't anticipated were those solar powered bird feeders with squirrel deterrent!  Basically these type utilize the stored solar energy to direct a mild static electric shock to offending squirrels.  It is pretty funny to watch the rodents freak out when they receive the jolt. (Especially if you have ever dealt with them stealing all of your bird food!)  Here is a link where you can see a small video from a popular maker, of yard rats getting juiced - Solar Powered Bird Feeder w/ Squirrel Shock.  The current doesn't effect the perched birds because their little feet don't complete the circuit like a fat, bird seed fed, squirrel does.  I think these types of devices are pretty cool considering the multitude of different methods and designs manufacturers have developed over the years to keep intruders out of bird feed.  As the site above shows, they also look quite effective!

Here is a link to a news story about solar feeders made in NC.

Squirrel Boss LLC SQBOSS Squirrel Proof Solar Powered Electronic Bird Feeder

Squirrel Proof Solar Powered Electric Bird Feeder

This unit is remote controlled.  You press a button to administer the shock.  This may be a little demented but, sounds kind of fun.  (I'm tired of buying bag after bag of bird seed.)

Happy Bird Corp 10007 Solar Sipper All Season Maxpower Wild Bird Watering Station

Solar Bird Watering Station

This device uses the suns energy to keep water cool in the summer & unfrozen in the winter down to 20 degrees.  The top covering helps keep the H2O free from debris.