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Crank Power Electricity

Crank power electricity is produced by your physical cranking of a device.  As a kid, I grew up in Petersburg, IL.  Abe Lincoln lived there for about six years, in a log cabin, just a mile or two from my house.  I remember visiting New Salem (allot) & seeing harnessed oxen going round and round.  Their effort was transferred to huge stone plates to grind grains for flour, etc.  I'm pretty sure they also powered a large loom that made the village tailors job equitable?  Anyway, physical energy can be transferred into electricity as well, if your willing to just go round and round or manipulate a beast.

There's pedal powered energy generators, hand crank devices to utilize in real time and even shoe based energy to power your pedometer that's data can be disseminated on the Internet.  If only we could utilize the thermoelectric potential from hot air expelled from pie holes (mouths) worldwide.  A handful of politicians could power the world!?!

I haven't found many devices that are powered exclusively by crank input (variable energy source) as they seem best suited for recharging components.  Cranks are usually a supplemental power source for things like lights, radios and flashlights...but most useful with charging batteries or capacitor.  Storing my effort for later use is relative to physically working today for connection with utility later, a good deal.

The additional electricity that a little effort can provide could be essential.  While I'm cowering in a basement, frightened by tornados & hail, I don't think I will draw straws on who wants to crank the weather radio!?

Here's a company working on crank power technology that has the hand power down pretty well & is working on pedal power...

Teledex Inc LED99 SuperBattery with AC or Crank Generator for Cell phones

Hand Crank Generator for Small Electronics

Eton Usa AM  FM Radio Light With Hand Crank ARCFR160WXR

Solar Powered Radio / Light / Charger with Hand Crank