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The more I've gotten into solar energy, the more I've realized that just about anything electrical can be powered by the sun.  Some of the devices seem counter intuitive, like freezers or indoor oscillating fans.  Sometime I ask myself "what is the need for this particular product"?  Thinking about it more always provides at least a few answers, if I think long enough.  What if I were trying to power my hunting cabin in Alaska?  How could I stave off heat exhaustion & death in this city if the electricity grid went down for months?  How can I be more self reliant and less dependent on others for my desire to consume energy or be comfortable?  Is there a way to help the environment and save money too?  You get the idea.

Some devices are novelties and a tad obscure, like the solar fan hat.  But, if you were lost in Death Valley for days, that little ballcap could become your buddy ~ like Wilson :).

Anyway, I'm not entirely sure of the rational behind these things but, they exist.  I'm sure if I thought hard enough, I could come up with valid reasons.  Or, maybe not!

Solar Powered Digital Tire Gauge:  This product, straight out of China, probably fell flat for a reason.  Their website says "This product is out of stock, and not coming back."  The sad thing is that it was cheaper than any analog tire gauge in my town, go figure.

Cockroach:  I was trying to figure why until my nine year old son said it was way cool.  There's your demographic, market there!  Educational value?

Solar Powered Bra - More of a gimmick than anything but, I could see where (or wear) solar powered backpacks or vests could fill niches with those who are outdoors an inordinate amount of time with their daily duties.

There are a ton of questionable solar ideas.  When we fail to be creative, in any regard, we become sheeple.  Think it forward and throw it at a wall.  If it don't stick, try again, and again, and again...






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